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By Team Legal Helpline India, December 22, 2017

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  • OA before CAT should be as per Form-I as prescribed under the CAT Act on legal size papers duly typed with wide margins as prescribed.
  • OA before CAT is to be filed in three sets with two compilations of the index.
  • The name and address of the parties to the petition is to be mentioned properly in the OA in CAT.
  • Sufficient number of seats as per the number of respondents in the OA in CAT are also to be filed along with the envelopes of appropriate size containing the complete address of the respondents.
  • List of dates and events along with the synopsis of the facts leading to the filing of the OA before CAT should be mentioned chronologically giving all details.
  • The OA in CAT is to be signed properly with the supportive affidavit of the applicant or the petitioner.
  • English translation with true typed and legible copies of the documents being filed along with the OA in CAT are to be filed along with.
  • The OA in CAT should be filed within the time prescribed under Section 21 of the Central Administrative Tribunals Act.
  • The copy of the impugned order is to be filed along with the OA in CAT.
  • Separate Miscellaneous Application, commonly called as MA is to be filed along with the AO for seeking any interim relief from the court along with an affidavit in support of the same.
  • Vakalatnama/Memo of Appearance or authority is to be filed along with the OA.
  • The OA is to be accompanied by an IPO or DD for Rs 50/ per applicant with the detailed filled in the application form.
  • The index of documents showing the details of the document and the page numbers is to be filed at the top of the application.
  • The declaration as required regarding on filing and annexures and the remedies availed is to be filed along with.
  • It is to be specified that the case can be heard by Single Bench or Double Bench.

The format of prescribed OA before CAT

Title of the Case: (State the names of the parties)


Nos. Description of documents relied upon Page No.
Power of Attorney
Other relevant documents
Signature of the applicant


For use in Tribunals Office

Date of filing


Date of Receipt by Post

Registration No.


for Registrar







Particulars of the order against which the present application is being made:
(Particulars of the order giving the details like the number, date and the authority which has passed the order, against which the application is made).

Jurisdiction of the Tribunal:
The applicant declares that the subject matter of the order against which he wants Redressal is within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal.

The applicant further declares that the application is within the limitation period prescribed in section 21 of the Administrative Tribunals Act, 1985.

Facts of the case:
(Give here a concise statement of facts in chronological order, each paragraph containing as nearly as possible a separate issue or fact).

Grounds for relief with legal provisions:
Details of the remedies exhausted:
The applicant declares that he has availed of all the remedies available to him under the relevant service rules etc. (Give here chronologically the details of representations made and the outcome to such representations concerning the number of Annexure to be given in support thereof).

Matters not previously filed or pending with any other court:
The applicant further declares that he had not previously filed any application, writ petition or suit regarding the matter in respect of which this application has been made, before any court or any other authority or any other Bench of the Tribunal nor any such application, writ petition or suit is pending before any of them.

In case the applicants had previously filed any such application, writ petition or suit, the stage at which it is pending, and if decided, the list of the decisions should be given concerning the number of Annexure to be given in support thereof.

Relief sought:
Given the facts mentioned in para six above the applicant prays for the

Following relief(s) Note:: It is better to take the help of a CAT cases specialized lawyer :

(Specify below the relief(s) sought to explain the grounds for such relief(s) and the legal provisions, if any, relied upon).

Interim order, if any prayed for:
Pending final decision on the application, the applicant seeks the following

Interim relief:

(Give here the nature of the interim relief prayed for. It is always better to seek the help of a CAT cases specialized lawyer :).

In the event of the application being sent through the registered post, it may be stated whether the applicant desires to have an oral hearing at the admission stage and if so, he shall attach a self-addressed Post Card or Inland Letter, at which intimation regarding the date of hearing could be sent to him.
Particulars of Banks Draft/Postal Order filed in respect of the application fee.
List of enclosures:






Signature of the applicant


CAT cases specialized lawyer :


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