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By Team Legal Helpline India, December 22, 2017
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Central Administrative Tribunal was created under the Act of Parliament to deal with the service disputes of central government employees, central government undertakings and autonomous bodies under the central government.

An amendment in Article 232 of the Constitution of India was carried on and all cases related to the central government were transferred from High Courts to Central Administrative Tribunal or CAT as it is called. At present there are 17 benches of CAT across India to deal with the service matters of central government employees.

We provide services before all important benches of CAT through a team of CAT Lawyer. 

The provisions of the Administrative Tribunals Act, 1985 do not, however, apply to members of paramilitary forces, armed forces of the Union, officers or employees of the Supreme Court, or to persons appointed to the Secretariat Staff of either House of Parliament or the Secretariat staff of State/Union Territory Legislatures.

Special notification with regard to the adjudication of the disputes of the employees of Delhi Government and various bodies of the Delhi Government has been done, pursuant to which the service dispute of the Delhi Government employees is now taken up by CAT for adjudication.

The issues on which any employee can approach CAT:

  • Recruitment disputes, disputes with regard to interpretation of recruitment rules
  • Appointment disputes
  • Suspension disputes, misconduct issues
  • Charge sheet and departmental inquiry
  • Issue of memo, warning letter and all issues related to ACR
  • Promotion and demotion issues
  • Transfer and posting issues
  • Pay scale fixation and grant of MACP, FNSG issues
  • ACR issues and matters
  • PCA Act matters related to charges of PCA
  • CVC matters
  • CBI matters
  • All punishment matters
  • Removal, termination, discharge, dismissal matters
  • Retirement and VRS issues, fixation of pension issues
  • All other issues and incidences related to service
  • All issues related to interpretation of FRSR, CCA, CCS, OMs of DOPT, circulars and all other related documents

The category of cases filed before CAT are Original Application or OA which is filed in accordance with the prescribed format and the instructions issued for proper and just adjudication of the matter.

The listing of the case is ordered by the Registrar of CAT and depending upon the nature of the relief, the case is listed either before a single judge bench or a double judge bench.

Since CAT is a specialized court of dealing with the disputes related to appointment, recruitment, transfer, posting, suspension, removal, dismissal, penalty, promotion, pension, chargesheet etc, all the rules and regulations of various departments alongwith the FRSR and the OMs of DOPT are considered besides considering the general laws and the disputes are decided on the basis of the same.

As such the disposal of the OA before the CAT is very quick and effective. The objective of establishing CAT for early disposal of the disputes of the central government employees is being achieved.

Other categories of cases to be filed before CAT are MA or Miscellaneous Applications which are interlocutory in nature and have a limited prayer. MA can only be filed in a OA either by the applicant who has filed the OA or by any of the affected persons by the outcome of the said OA.

Services of CAT lawyer:

  • Expert CAT lawyer for filing and defending of OA before CAT related to recruitment and appointment.
  • Highly specialized and qualified CAT lawyer for filing of OA before CAT for challenging the charge sheet, suspension order or any type of punishment order.
  • Highly qualified lawyer for CAT for handling the matter related to promotion and filing of OA before CAT for grant of promotion and denial of promotion to the employee.
  • Excellent lawyer for CAT for filing OA before CAT for matters related to transfer of employee.
  • Online drafting and advice on all disciplinary matters and issues of CAT.
  • Online services for drafting and vetting replies, representations, memorandums.

The details of various benches of CAT are as under:

1. Principal Bench
Central Administrative Tribunal
61/35, Copernicus Marg,
New Delhi-110001

2. Central Administrative Tribunal,
Allahabad Bench,
35, Mahatma Gandhi Marg,
Civil Lines,
Allahabad 211 001

3. Central Administrative Tribunal,
Ahmedabad Bench,
Opp. Sardar Patel Stadium,
Ahmedabad 380 009

4. Central Administrative Tribunal,
Bangalore Bench,
B.D.A Commercial Complex,
Bangalore 560 038

5. Central Administrative Tribunal,
Bombay Bench,
Gulestan Building, 3rd / 4th Floor,
Dr. Ghanshyam Talwatkar Marg,
Fort, Mumbai 400 001

6. Central Administrative Tribunal,
Calcutta Bench,
2nd M.S.O. Building, Nizam Palace,
234/4, A.J.C. Bose Road,
Kolkata 700 020

7. Central Administrative Tribunal,
Chandigarh Bench,
Opp. Hotel Shivalik View,
Sector 17-C,

8. Central Administrative Tribunal,
Cuttack Bench,
4th Floor, Rajaswa Bhawan,
Cuttack-753 002,

9. Central Administrative Tribunal,
Ernakulam Bench,
Indira Nagar,
Sastha Temple Road,
Kaloor, Cochin 682 017

10. Central Administrative Tribunal,
Guwahati Bench,
Rajgarh Road, Bhangagarh,
Guwahati 781 005

11. Central Administrative Tribunal,
Hyderabad Bench,
No. 5-10-193, 1st Floor,
HACA Bhawan
(Opp. Public Garden),
Hyderabad 500 004

12. Central Administrative Tribunal,
Jaipur Bench, Sahakar Marg,
Jaipur 302 001

13. Central Administrative Tribunal,
Patna Bench, 88/A, Shri Krishna Nagar,
Patna 800 001

14. Central Administrative Tribunal,
Jodhpur Bench,
Near Rajashthan High Court,
Post Box No. – 619
JODHPUR -342 006

15. Central Administrative Tribunal,
Jabalpur Bench,
15, Civil Lines, CARAVS Building,
Jabalpur – 482001

16. Central Administrative Tribunal,
Lucknow Bench,
2, Rana Pratap Marg,
Lucknow 226 001

17. Central Administrative Tribunal,
Madras Bench,
City Civil Court Additional Building,
1st & 2nd Floor, High Court Campus
Chennai-600 104,

For any urgent requirement of a CAT lawyer mail us the details or call us at 011-2335 5388.

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