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Cyber security issues series-3

By Team Legal Helpline India

READ ARTICLE-1READ ARTICLE-2READ ARTICLE-4 CYBER SECURITY ISSUES FOR SMARTPHONES Smartphones have added a new dimension to the life of the users as it gives unlimited access to the Internet from any corner of the globe. Some important and crucial tips related to cyber security issues for smart phones are as under: Use a strong password Don't broadcast your SSID Use good wireless encryption Use another layer of encryption when possible Restrict access by MAC address Shut down the network when…Read more

Cyber security issues series-2

By Team Legal Helpline India

READ ARTICLE-1 READ ARTICLE-3 READ ARTICLE-4 Cyber security issues On Social Media: Social media is fun and exciting but dangerous also; it is a sharp edged tool which can damage your fingers if proper precaution is not taken. Various social media platforms other than Face Book, Tweeter etc are on the internet but beware before creating your profile on such platforms, even fake platforms of Face Book, Tweeter are floating on the internet. You may land up sharing your vital…Read more