Cyber security issues series-2

By Team Legal Helpline India, March 19, 2015


Cyber security issues On Social Media:

Social media is fun and exciting but dangerous also; it is a sharp edged tool which can damage your fingers if proper precaution is not taken. Various social media platforms other than Face Book, Tweeter etc are on the internet but beware before creating your profile on such platforms, even fake platforms of Face Book, Tweeter are floating on the internet. You may land up sharing your vital personal information which is prone to be misused. Please do not forget that your profile contains vital personal information on the social media like your e-mail ID, your contact number, and your photographs which are prone to be misused if stolen by the cyber criminals. You may be flooded with spams and frivolous mails which are not only a source of annoyance but dangerous if clicked unknowingly. Look into the URL specifically i.e. at the while space on the top of the screen to verify the real name of the site on screen and always make a habit to verify the URL before browsing on any new site. This basic precaution safeguards you from being mislead to unrelated sites.


  • Do not leave your social media page open in any public environment like schools, cafes and other hotpots. While using social media on a public machine, take adequate measures to safeguard your password from being stolen by soft wares installed in the computers. You can use copy paste technique instead of typing the password directly on public computers.
  • Avoid surveys, gift offers, and free gifts on social medial as most of them are malware floated mischievously to induce you. Social media is a great resource for hackers as everyone is connected. When you click on an Malicious link you may get infected by malware that will extract your credentials to an criminal database.
  • Be very cautious while accepting or requesting any friendship or membership of any group and more particularly the groups which ask you specific details related to your personal data like phone, e-mail, password etc. Please be aware that who is behind the computer is mostly unknown to you and by no means you can never get back the details which you have shared.
  • Your conduct and behavior on social media should also remain civilized as offensive comments, objectionable posts are liable to criminal actions. Please be aware that you can not erase your electronic foot prints which you have created on the web and you will be liable to the same at any stage.

Please remember on social media You are what you share but others may not be what they have shared.

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