Cyber security issues series-3

By Team Legal Helpline India, March 20, 2015



Smartphones have added a new dimension to the life of the users as it gives unlimited access to the Internet from any corner of the globe. Some important and crucial tips related to cyber security issues for smart phones are as under:

  • Use a strong password
  • Don’t broadcast your SSID
  • Use good wireless encryption
  • Use another layer of encryption when possible
  • Restrict access by MAC address
  • Shut down the network when it is not being used
  • Shut down your wireless network interface, too
  • Monitor your network for intruders
  • Cover the bases
  • Be very careful with your contact list. Your list could contain potential information for hackers. If you lose your phone be sure to inform your contact about it.
    Don’t just install all types of applications. When you delete an application, remember to delete the account you created with it.
  • Your smartphone has a hard disk and a memory drive. Remember to wipe them before you decide to sell or trade them as it may carry with it vital personal information, photographs, files etc which are prone to be misused.
    Always keep your phone set to lock, or time out, after a certain period of inactivity, requiring a password to get back in. All of the major smartphone operating systems support this function. As far as possible use two-layered security arrangements to open the phone although it may be a bit inconvenient and clumsy it safeguards your vital information stored on the phone and in the event of loss of the phone you remain protected.
    Beware of allowing the installation of a third party application as you grant it certain privileges. Those privileges may include access to your physical location, contact information, or other personal data. Please be aware that the phone contains not only data but also vital data of your contacts which can be misused.
    Before installing GEO-location, please be sure whether you really want people to know where you are?
    While connecting free WiFi be aware that when you are connected to an access point someone could access out all your information. It is always advisable to disable WiFi, Bluetooth when you are not using it.
  • These tips, if followed properly would rule out all possible chances of loss or theft your data or any social engineering attack causing loss to your smartphone. Remember prevention is better than cure.
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