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By Team Legal Helpline India, December 1, 2019

Pro Bono lawyer Supreme Court of India is a lawyer who takes up cases before the Supreme Court of India “not for profit”. It can be due to his commitment to help the poor or marginalized people or to affect social change through his pro bono actions.

A brief write up explaining the pro bono lawyer services in the Supreme Court of India.

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Pro Bono lawyer Supreme Court of India

As we know, the Supreme Court of India is the apex court of the country. All the cases decided by the Supreme Court of India attain finality by all means and there is no scope for any change in the legal position after the decision of the case by the Supreme Court of India. It is thus very important to put up the matters before the Supreme Court of India in the best possible manner to seek the desired results in the process.

The people who do not have enough resources often approach a Probono lawyer supreme court India for taking up their cases and do the needful in the matter on their behalf. The duties of the Pro Bono lawyer supreme court India are to take the case pro bono and to draft and file the same before the Supreme Court of India either in form of a PIL or any other form in accordance with the law.

Pro Bono lawyer supreme court India generally refers to legal practices or legal actions undertaken to help poor or marginalized people or to effect change in social policies in the public interest, on ‘not for profit’ terms (pro bono public).

In general terms, it means a legal action initiated in the court of law for the protection of Public Interest. Pro Bono lawyer supreme court India chooses to serve the poor people Instead of serving powerful economic interests, it stands for the advocacy of otherwise under-represented or vulnerable individuals, especially those living in poverty.

It has grown to encompass a broader range of activities, typically the field of non-lawyers like civil rights, civil liberties, women’s rights, consumer rights, environmental protection, and so on. Nevertheless, a common interest for public-interest lawyers in a growing number of countries remains “fighting for the little guy”. Pro Bono lawyer supreme court India thus renders a valuable service to the society through his commitments.

The concept of PIL and services of pro bono lawyer supreme court of India:

“Public Interest Litigation” or PIL since its inception in the Indian judicial system, has shown some good examples of safeguarding the rights of the people of India and has strengthened the position of the Supreme Court of India as guardian of Fundamental Rights enumerated in the Indian Constitution.

PIL has also enabled the Supreme Court to be the real watchdog of the Indian democracy, upholding the Constitutional mandate and remodifying the wrongs. PIL in Supreme Court of India was introduced in India around 1979-80 by the Supreme Court judges, Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer along with Justice P. N. Bhagwati. Since then there had been instances when the Courts are keen to decide the matters of public importance without delay, as the case in Shyam Sundar where the court accepted the matter even when the application was made by a letter sent through the post.

The concept of Public Interest Litigation (PIL) is in consonance with the principles enshrined in Article 39A of the Constitution of India to protect and deliver prompt social justice with the help of law. A Pro Bono lawyer supreme court India

Utilizes this provision of the Constitution of India to take up the matter in public interest for the person who is not represented before the court in any other manner.

Earlier,  only the aggrieved party could approach the courts for justice. After the emergency era, the high court reached out to the people, devising a means for any person of the public (or an NGO) to approach the court seeking legal remedy in cases where the public interest is at stake.

Justice P. N. Bhagwati and Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer were among the first judges to admit PILs in court filed by Probono lawyer supreme court India.  

Filing a PIL is not as cumbersome as a usual legal case; there have been instances when letters and telegrams addressed to the court have been taken up as PILs and heard.

Some of the important parameters for the PIL before Supreme Court of India is that the person who is filing the petition must not have any personal interest in the litigation, PIL is accepted by the court only if there is the interest of large public involved. Generally, this petition is filed by a public-spirited person or organization, through a Pro Bono lawyer supreme court India.

The grounds of PIL before the Supreme Court of India are mainly constitutional if it was felt that certain interests are undermined by the government; in such a situation, the court directly accepts the public interest litigation. It is a new legal horizon in which a court can initiate and enforce action to serve and secure significant Public Interest Litigation.

Importance of PIL and Probono lawyer supreme court India

Public interest litigation gives a wider description to the right to equality, life and personality which is guaranteed under Part III of the Constitution of India.

It also functions as an effective instrument for changes in society or social welfare. Through public interest litigation, any public or person can seek remedy on behalf of the oppressed class by introducing a PIL.

The ambit and scope of PIL widen as the same can be also filed against any of the arbitrary or unconstitutional orders of the state or against inaction by the State on any important issue affecting the public at large. Pro Bono lawyer supreme court India is the person who becomes a catalyst for the change to bring equality to the persons who deserve it.

Pro Bono lawyer supreme court India has to be very diligent and effective in presenting the case before the Supreme Court of India which relates to safeguarding the interests of the marginalized and poor people.


We have in house strong team of Probono lawyer supreme court India for genuine services to deserving people. Please forward all the supportive documents along with a brief note so that we can depute our team to work on it.

What is pro bono legal service?

Pro bono legal service is a legal service rendered by an advocate without professional charges in the interest of justice.

Who can take pro bono legal services?

Any citizen, who has raised a question of public importance or without his personal interest can avail pro bono legal services.

How to get Pro Bono Lawyer Supreme Court India

You can mail the brief facts and the legal grounds raised by you, we will scrutinize it and depute a pro bono lawyer if found to be valid cause.

Any charges to be paid for the case?

Generally the filing and stationary charges are claimed for pro bono legal services by us.

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