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By Team Legal Helpline India, August 12, 2019

We have inhouse team of best Pro Bono Supreme Court Lawyers in India

The word Pro Bono comes from the Latin expression “pro bono publico” meaning thereby “for the public good”. This word has been used in the legal field to denote and mean public good services being rendered by the lawyers for people.

Pro Bono legal services have thus acquired a special legal connotation in India to denote the lawyers who are ready and willing to provide legal services or legal advice, litigation services for the public good.  We have launched our services of pro-bono-supreme-court-in-lawyers-India to reach to various sections of society.

The framers of the Indian Constitution have also acknowledged and made specific provisions for pro bono legal services. Article 39 A in the Constitution of India directs the State to provide free legal aid to the poor and weaker sections of the society, to promote justice on the basis of equal opportunity.

The provisions of  Article 14 and 22 (2) of the Constitution further ensures equality before the law. It goes without saying that the state is under Constitutional obligation to provide legal services to the persons who do have means to represent themselves in the Supreme Court.


We at legalhelplineindia have decided to create a rich pool of pro-bono-supreme-court-lawyers-India to provide various services at Supreme Court to the deserving people. A big team of Pro Bono Supreme Court Lawyers India has been created and retained to examine the matters in-depth and make an opinion about the legal issues involved and then file the appropriate petition before the court as Pro-Bono Supreme Court Lawyers in India.

Our team of pro-bono-supreme-court-lawyers-India also take up PILs on appropriate and important issues on a pro bono basis. We depute expert pro-bono-supreme-court-lawyers-India to take up the PIL on important issues to serve the society.

It is worthwhile to mention that, the United Nations Sustainable Development – Goal 16 underscores the obligation of States ‘to ensure equal access to justice for all’. 

Based on this obligation, the Government of India, Department of Justice has created a  database of a lawyer and some of the pro-bono-supreme-court-lawyers-India willing to provide their services to litigants identified under Section 12 of The Legal Services Authority Act of 1987.

We have in consonance with the aforesaid scheme chalked out our strategy of creating a pool of Probono Lawyers Supreme Court India to provide various legal services to the needy people.

We have created a reserve of very good Pro Bono Supreme Court Lawyers India and have taken up the matter at a very high level.

Our endeavor is to provide pro bono services by expert lawyers at the Supreme Court. Besides this, we have also tried to encourage lawyers and legal professionals to provide pro bono legal services. Our attempt is also to recognize pro bono legal work being provided by lawyers. Legal professionals to create a database capturing vital information of lawyers for appropriate positions in the relevant field.


Recently the Chief Justice of India Sh. TS Thakur while speaking at NALSA has observed that “Over 40 percent of Indians are living below the poverty line. They also are surviving with a lack of literacy, lack of basic opportunities and scopes besides economic deficiencies.”

He said the NALSA and State Legal Services Authorities were working to provide various legal services and conducting awareness program for the benefit of the people especially those are deprived, tribals and scheduled caste.“As a rule, judges are governing the justices and legal matters, but a father also must do justice to his children, a husband or a wife must do justices to each other, a parliamentarian or a legislator must do justice to the people of their constituencies and a minister do justice to all his subjects,” he said. “All of our targets must be to support neglected people of our society.

Injustice cannot be tolerated in our system,” Justice Thakur said, adding that poverty should not be an impediment in providing justice to the weaker section of society.

“There is a commitment to ensure that poor people have equal access to justice. We have been devising our own ways to reach out to them. In this mission, students are our ambassadors,” Justice Thakur said.

The Government of India has taken initiative and has established NALSA under the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987, to provide free Legal Services to the weaker sections of the society and to organize Lok Adalats for amicable settlement of disputes.

NALSA has appointed advocates on its panel and has taken up the cases on behalf of the people who can not afford the legal expenses. There are Probono lawyer supreme court India working with NALSA as well and providing legal services to deserving people at Supreme Court.

We have further decided to take up the matter through the team of our pro-bono-supreme-court-lawyers-India for deserving people on a selective basis.


For availing our probono services at Supreme Court of India through our team of Probono Supreme Court Lawyers India, please read the instructions carefully and follow the same:

  1. Write a mail giving details of the entire issue supported with the attachment of documents.
  2. If there is any ongoing or past litigation, please disclose the same clearly with the copy of the order.
  3. Annex the order to be challenged so that our team of Probono Supreme Court Lawyers India can go through it and make an assessment.
  4. No telephone calls for making queries. Only emails would be entertained by us.
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  1. I am currently pursuing 2nd year of BBALLB at Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad. I am very deeply interested in interning with you to learn and aid you in providing pro bono legal services. It would be appreciated if I am informed of the application procedure for the same.

  2. I am still not a legal divorcee, a man manipulated me to take divorce and promised to marry. Took 7.5 lac plus gold n cash work 10 lack total. I was planning to send me abroad to prostitution. Got to know is a fraud. Has done with many others. Asked money then molested me. I married again for money and threatening me. This sister threatening too. Complaint to police but nothing happened. Need help.

  3. No chargesheet filed till date.

    There is intrim order of stay on arrest only on prime accused by PHHC since 29.10.18 as accused filed a petition for quashing of FIR.
    In investigation other family members were given clean chit stating that no evidence found to support d allegations.
    On 15.01.20 HC asked for production of chargesheet within 4-6weeks but in written order only ordered that there is no stay on proceedongs.
    Petitioner is only playing tactics to get sympathy in such cases.

  4. I m a rape victim residing in delhi with tag line ‘ pehle ghumti phirti hai phir rape ka case laga deti hai’. FIR for my case has already been done. But police is not taking appropriate actions. It’s been already 16 months but police has not taken any necessary or immediate action against the culprit. I am seeking lawyer . The legal aid provided is of no use as well. Please help me. Please. It took me so much of courage to come forward and filed the FIR. But all in vain.

  5. Dear All
    I am one of the rape victims residing in Gurgaon. FIR for my case has already been done. But police is not taking appropriate actions. It’s been already a month but police has not taken any necessary or immediate action against the culprit. I am seeking lawyer . Since I lost my job I am seeking pro Bono. The legal aid provided is of no use as well. Please help me. Please. It took me so much of courage to come forward and filed the FIR. But all in vain.

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