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By Team Legal Helpline India, June 9, 2021

IMP: Services of expert Online Mutual Divorce Lawyer India for end-to-end services of mutual divorce at very reasonable costs and hassle-free work.

Now during the COVID-19, the Family Courts have made arrangements for hearing of the online divorce cases through virtual mode. The mutual divorce petition can be filed online by the parties after fulfilling the formalities and the matter is then listed before the court. The court forwards a virtual link to both the parties for hearing and the parties can join the court proceedings on the basis of the said link.

The online mutual divorce is then heard and decided by the court after accepting the statement of the parties made through the virtual link. The identification of the parties is also established by the court.

The husband and wife would require the services of highly qualified and expert Online Mutual Divorce lawyers India during the current time when one can not appear before the court physically.

Very important and crucial services of Online Mutual Divorce lawyer India.

For all legal services related to drafting, vetting and filing of the mutual divorce between husband and wife. Since all the services are online, it is very easy, cost effective and very quick.

How to write a Mutual Divorce Agreement?


i) Legal advice on all matrimonial issues online or in person.

ii) Drafting of all matrimonial complaints, petitions online.

iii) Online drafting of mutual divorce agreement.

v) Drafting of the petition of both the motions to be filed before the family courts.

vi) Filing of online mutual divorce petition before court.

vii) Conducting the online hearing of the case before the Family Court.

viii) Getting the divorce decree and all other orders from the Family Court.

ix) Drafting and filing of the quashing of FIR petition before High Court on the basis of mutual compromise between the parties.

Legal advice on all issues of matrimonial disputes.

Advice on all matters pertaining to distribution of properties, claim and counter claims.

Handling of the issues arising out of the matrimonial disputes at various forums.

Filing and defending matters pertaining to guardianship before the Guardianship Courts.

Handling the cases under Domestic Violence Act before the court of magistrate.

Filing bail and anticipatory bail applications against the FIR registered with the police under CAW.

Quick and easy solutions of all matrimonial disputes.

Drafting of family settlements related to distribution of the property of a family.

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