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Suit for declaration

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ATTENTION:  For drafting and filing of Suit for declaration by expert Civil Lawyer,  please mail us the brief with  supporting documents. Online services of legal advice and drafting of all suits for declaration by expert lawyers online. Suit for declaration is the most common and effective types of  civil suits filed by Indian lawyers. It seeks the relief of declaration and  injunction on the basis of the declaration of the court. Suit for declaration is a declaration from the court…Read more

Best Lawyer Compensation from court

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The law of compensation from the court is dealt with under the law of contract and under the Specific Relief Act besides other provisions of law. The courts have powers to grant compensation in suitable cases where the court feels that the party has suffered losses. We will discuss here the powers of the court to grant compensation under the specific relief act and the Indian Contract Act. Section 73 of the Indian contract act deals with the issue of…Read more

Civil Lawyer in Delhi

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IMPORTANT: For urgent requirements of Online Civil Lawyer in Delhi, mail us through the contact us page of our website. We have in house team of civil lawyer in Delhi for all legal services in civil laws at very nominal costs in quickest time. Important services by Civil Lawyer in Delhi Highly expert and qualified Civil lawyer in Delhi for all legal services in the fields of civil laws with quality, precision, and favorable results.Online legal advice on all subjects…Read more