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By Team Legal Helpline India, December 26, 2014

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Important services by Civil Lawyer in Delhi

  • Highly expert and qualified Civil lawyer in Delhi for all legal services in the fields of civil laws with quality, precision, and favorable results.
  • Online legal advice on all subjects of civil laws by an expert and qualified team of Civil Lawyers in Delhi.
  • Online legal documentation services for drafting, vetting of various legal documents, legal petitions by expert Civil lawyers in Delhi.
  • Best Civil Lawyer in Delhi for defending and filing civil suits for permanent and mandatory injunctions.
  • Very good Civil lawyer in Delhi for defending and filing civil suits for civil recoveries, recovery of money, recovery of damages.
  • Online Civil lawyer in Delhi for defending and filing of civil suits related to property for recovery of rent, recovery of lease amount, recovery of possession of the property, Mesne profits.
  • Expert Civil lawyer in Delhi for filing and defending of suits for specific performance, enforcement of contracts, breach of contracts.
  • Highly qualified Civil lawyer in Delhi for handling all legal matters related to business disputes of recovery of damages, recovery of money, enforcement of contracts, disputes arising out of contracts.
  • Civil lawyer in Delhi for filing and defending civil defamation suits, suits for recovery of damages.
  • Filing and defending all kinds of civil recovery suits for recovering money and financial dues of all kinds including the credit card debts, money recoveries by Civil lawyer in Delhi.
  • Civil lawyer in Delhi for all services related to legal documentation in the fields of civil laws.


i) Civil suits

We provide expert Civil lawyers in Delhi for all legal services related to advising, launching, and defending all kinds of civil suits, civil injunction matters. Civil suits encompass a vast area of civil laws in India and almost all kinds of relief are sought by way of civil suits. Some of the important categories of civil suits are a civil suit for permanent injunction, suit for mandatory injunction, suit for declaration, suit for rendition of accounts and various other kinds of civil suits. Your search for a Civil lawyer in Delhi ends here and you can send a request for engaging a very good Civil lawyer in Delhi for all such services.

ii) Injunctions

The most important services being provided by the Civil lawyer in Delhi is in the relief of an injunction. The scope of the injunction is very wide as injunction suits are filed before the courts. Injunctions are filed for seeking the restraint against a party from doing any apprehended act which may cause loss or damage to the person approaching the court who is called Plaintiff. An injunction can also be filed against any party for performing any kind of act which he is under obligation to do but has failed to perform. The main types of Injunctions filed in the Indian civil courts are Mandatory Injunction, Permanent Injunction. We provide all kinds of services related to filing, defending, and contesting civil injunctions before all courts at all levels with full confidence. Our legal services related to filing and contesting injunctions are precise, accurate, and simple. We provide highly qualified Civil lawyers in Delhi for all these services. The courts in Delhi are bifurcated and located in various parts of the city, we maintain a group of Civil lawyer in Delhi who can approach and the district courts for any such kind of services

iii) Civil recoveries

We provide all kinds of legal services related to civil recoveries which are mainly services related to filing and contesting civil suits for recovery of money from creditors. Civil recovery suits have very wide ambit and legal implications and all kinds of money recoveries can be covered under civil recoveries. We also provide all kinds of services related to defending civil recoveries. Civil recoveries are filed not only for recovery of money from the creditors but also for recovering damages against the act of a party that has led to damage in any form which can be calculated in terms of money. All other related services by a highly qualified Civil lawyer in Delhi.

iv) Civil notices

We provide all the services of Civil lawyers in Delhi related to civil notices. The nature and scope of civil notices are very wide. Notice is issued for correcting the wrong being done by the party concerned. The wrongdoer is provided an opportunity to restrain himself from doing the wrong or to rectify the wrong done by him. Civil notice has a very important role in the entire Indian civil law system as the process of filing of any kind of civil suit, civil injunction commences with the issuance of notice on behalf of the party concerned. The civil notice, in fact, becomes the foundation of the case hence civil notice should not be issued casually.

v) Civil law advises

Our law firm provides the services of Civil lawyers in Delhi for all kinds of Indian civil law advice with a precise and accurate opinion on complex civil disputes. The civil lawyers at our firm study the intricate legal aspects of the problem and provide the best civil legal advice with accurate legal solutions which solve most of the civil disputes. We arrange for the best advice for the particular problem through our in-house Indian attorneys as well as through eminent lawyers and legal luminaries. We also arrange to provide all kinds of civil law advice through eminent senior and designated advocates of the field.

vi) Online civil law advice services

We have an in-house desk manned by Civil lawyers in Delhi to provide all kinds of online Indian civil advice and all kinds of online Indian civil law services which not only saves your valuable time but provides the best Indian civil law advice in the most effective manner. Indian civil lawyers well versed in all aspects of Indian civil laws are deputed to provide all such services.


Civil law in India is a vast and wide field of Indian laws which mainly controls the processes through which the civil cases are governed. The Civil Procedure Code 1908 with the Civil Procedure Amendment Act 2002 is the basic statute which defines the civil procedure and civil processes to be followed in the civil case. Civil Procedures being very exhaustive and detailed provide the entire framework of the decision of all kinds of civil disputes.

The difination of Civil laws in India includes the civil procedure law system which deals with the civil law suits and processes. Civil law outline being vast and unlimited field of civil procedure rules, civil process, needs highly specialized civil lawyers for the most accurate legal advises and actions. Civil lawyers & Indian attorneys at our Law Firm Delhi have constituted a dedicated and exclusive team of highly expert Indian civil lawyers & Indian Solicitors who specialize in civil law system to handle the civil law cases through civil law process.

The Civil Procedure Code 1908 (CPC) describes the civil laws and civil lawsuit processes in India which govern all kinds of civil procedure trial as defined under the Civil Procedure Code 1908 and the Civil Procedure Amendment Act 2002. The civil law procedure code of Indian Bare Acts is the basic document dealing any kind of civil dispute between the parties which is followed in almost all the civil disputes, civil lawsuits and civil trials unless barred by some specific provisions of any specialized law. Indian civil lawyer is required to be well versed with the Indian Civil Law, Indian Civil Procedure Code, and Civil Suit Processes to handle all kinds of civil suit.

The civil procedure rules and civil processes are applied on civil procedure briefs and the civil procedure. Civil law suits under the Indian civil law system starts with the issuance of civil summons which is as per the civil suit forms as prescribed under the civil laws of India. Civil laws cover the entire property dispute laws in India which include the disputes related to property which may be movable property as well as immovable property dispute, wealth, assets, claims, counterclaims etc.

Almost all the property disputes, business disputes, and commercial disputes are originally civil disputes in nature however they are covered by various specialized Acts to deal with the specific kinds of disputes arising out subsequently. Indian property laws define Indian property rights and all property dispute cases are covered under civil laws. Property dispute solicitors and property dispute lawyers in India have to cope up with various types of Indian Property laws in India.

The family dispute over inheritance, a family dispute over wills, a family dispute over property, family injunctions are very common in civil law. We provide all kinds of civil suit forms for civil summon cases for all kinds of civil lawsuits.

Another very important field of civil laws in India is the law related to Injunctions. Civil injunction definition covers various kinds of civil injunctions which are mainly civil injunction against harassment, injunction for protection and are the main kinds of civil injunction processes. One can always approach the court seeking the relief of injunction from any apprehended wrongdoing against him either by any individual or even the state.

Injunction suits are the major part of litigation before the trial court. One finds the relief of injunction covering almost all fields of civil disputes. The detail of the relief of injunction has been described in The Specific Relief Act which categorizes and provides the various kinds of injunctive relief definitions to a party. Specific Relief definition as provided under the Specific Relief Act of India categorizes various kinds of specific reliefs under the legal framework.

Civil injunction definition includes the civil injunction process which is an important part of the injunction law. The injunction relief includes injunction for protection, an injunction from harassment, civil suits for adultery, a civil suit against assault, injunction for protection of particular mischief and is important areas of civil law system in India as injunction order can be passed on the basis of the injunctive relief before the courts in any manner. Injunction law is very wide and vast covers almost all wake of civil and commercial disputes.

In recent times the laws of injunction have been frequently used in the protection of trademarks, patents, copyrights, logos, designs, and various kinds of IPR. Since the relief of injunction covers all kinds of apprehended mischief by any of the parties, the courts entertain the injunction suits of all kinds. The injunction is an important remedy against any mischief. The patent injunction, trademark injunctions are very frequently used by the aggrieved parties. We provide highly trained and highly experienced Indian Lawyers, Indian Attorneys, and Indian Advocates to launch and defend all kinds of injunction suits under the Indian legal system.

Two types of civil injunctions are mainly granted by the courts by way of decrees permanent injunction and mandatory injunctions. The permanent injunctions are granted by the courts for preventing any act and mandatory injunctions are granted by the courts for directions for performing a particular act. Another important field of civil litigation is declaration suit wherein the courts are asked to declare an act, deed, action, document, etc as valid or invalid. This is a very effective and wide relief from the civil courts which covers almost all kinds of reliefs that one can seek from the civil courts through civil cases.

Indian civil lawyer also provides the services related to recovery suits. The suits for recovery of money are the disputes relating to money, recovery of property, recovery of the value of anything, damages against any wrongdoing by any of the parties. As stated earlier almost all business disputes are civil disputes in nature. It may be a dispute relating to the transfer of property, sale, and purchase of property, documentation related to property, construction of a property, allotment of property, etc.

Other kinds of business disputes are related to claiming damages, violation of the terms of agreement or lease. The basic law governing such disputes is the Law of Contract which deals with various kinds of contracts between the parties. Recently money recovery services have been launched by money recovery consultants who lodge suits for recovery of money after issuing legal notice for recovery of money. A civil suit for credit card debt and recovery is the latest trend in the financial sector for recovery of credit card debts.

Civil laws in India also encompass the vast area of family disputes in India which include matrimonial disputes, divorce and matrimonial cases adoption and maintenance etc. Although the matrimonial disputes are covered under the Family law but the procedure adopted for dealing such cases is prescribed in the CPC. Matrimonial lawyers often resort to family law injunctions in the civil law process in India.

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