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Divorce Law Firm Delhi

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IMPORTANT: Online legal services of divorce by Divorce Law Firm Delhi. Online legal services on all divorce matters. Legal Advice through video conferencing by experts on all divorce matters. DIVORCE LAW FIRM DELHI Divorce disputes are major family disputes now a days. Divorce is based on the personal laws of the individual. Amongst Hindu, Divorce is under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1956 whereas in Muslims it is under the Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act. For Christians, it under the Indian…Read more

Divorce Attorney Lawyer Delhi

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IMPORTANT: For urgent requirements of Divorce Attorney Lawyer Delhi mail us through contact us page of our website. Online Legal Advice on all matrimonial disputes by experts. Divorce laws in India are mainly personal, based on the religion of the individual or the couple. It is contained in the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, Special Marriage Act, 1954, Indian Divorce Act, Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act, 1939. All these laws deal with the instances of divorce, restitution of conjugal rights, maintenance,…Read more