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By Team Legal Helpline India, December 27, 2014

Social Media complaint format for lodging complaint with the police against abusive comment on social media, offensive comment on social media, defamatory comment on social media. Offensive SMS, messages, material on social media.


The format of complaint is indicative and you can amend or modify the same depending upon the facts and circumstances of the matter.

Complaint can be lodged with the concerned police station with a copy to the SP/DCP of the area concerned and the Cyber cell of the police if any.

It is better to lodge the complaint by hand on a hard print as the police set up is still not equipped to handle complaints through E-mails, messages.

Give specific details of all the facts and the message/material which is offending.

Get a soft copy or snap shot and and print out of the same and enclose the same along with the complaint.
Seek the help of an expert if required as it is a highly technical matter.

Follow up with the police after your complaint and furnish them the further and more details if asked by them.

We are giving a format of social media complaint format which will help you in getting the proper directions in the matter.

Sub: Complaint under Section 66 A of the IT Act.
I am a resident of the address mentioned below and I am constrained to report you the criminal act of abusive comment on social media by the accused person named below who has posted offensive comment on social media against me through computer resource/ (Mobile Phone) which is grossly offensive and has menacing character. The said person very well knows that such information is false and has posted the same for the purpose of causing annoyance, inconvenience, danger, obstruction, insult, injury, criminal intimidation, enmity, hatred and ill will. He is persistently doing such acts by making use of computer resource and communication device (Mobile) for sending such message.
The said person has circulated the said offensive and false material on the internet which is visible at————–( give the details of the web portal or platform where the message has been posted). The offensive material is not only false but frivolous, defamatory, abusive and insinuative and has been done with the intention to insult and libel me and cause a scandal by slandering and slurring my character. This amounts to making defamatory comment on social media and several persons have already asked me about the same believing the same to be true. This has been done with the intention to defame and injure my character and reputation and cause injury to my character. The aforesaid person is liable for prosecution for offensive comment on social media and other offenses.
I request you to take legal action against the said person at the earliest.
A snapshot along with the printout of the said offensive message and material is being enclosed herewith for your perusal and action.
The name and address of the accused person is as under:
Fathers name:
Contact No. :
Thanking you,
Yours truly,
Father’s name
Contact number

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22 thoughts on “Social Media Complaint Format

  1. Msnybar ,
    Some unknown profile using a very offensive language so long time since, few month ago one call also came to her,but that time not she not take it seriously. She searched in Truecaller and in Google Facebook account both are not similar .But the current number is not longer showing on this profile. My sister she is a married Woman.She is a house Wife and Assam District Convener of Cachar District of Swacha BHARAT .doing various socially beneficial works involved in various social work.
    Please tell, and help Se writing a complaint letter. big puppys …..
    My WhatsApp Only –
    My Calling- Both Sent your email

  2. Has been using very obscene language since, a number of days ago I got a call to a number I searched and showed on this Facebook account but the current number is no longer showing on this profile. My sister is a married man living in a house and is a District Convener of Cachar District of Swacha BHARAT doing various socially beneficial works involved in various social work. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys …..
    My WhatsApp- 9401685172

  3. In news 18 as sou baat ki ek baat program, report call pandit Nathuram godse as hatyara Nathuram godse. This is very bad comments with freedom fighter of our india, request to take necessary action please.

  4. Respected sir,

    I am from Lonar working as a principal l condemn the person who upload vulgar videos on social media while cleaning my mobile data I noticed that there were two videos which were shocking it can harm to our nation’s peace and unity. So, the criminals of this video maker must be punished I don’t have any details about them but these two videos will definitely help you to find them

  5. Sir how to file an FIR against Facebook post insulting the believers and religion on Facebook group?

  6. Hello!
    Out there
    I hope everything is fine with you.

    Two of my facebook friends are continuously sharing hindu- muslim posts
    Which is creating hatred among people.
    ( In my opinion)
    I’m not complaing against them cause I’m not sure are they really guilty in your sight.
    I just want you to go through their profile and check are they really spreding hate msgs or not.
    Sir! It’s a humble request from my side.
    Because it’s about the people not any religion
    If you will look forward to it
    I’ll send you their profile links.
    Thank you
    Waiting for you reply

  7. Hello sir, one person in YouTube is replying my comment with foul and abusive language..I warned him not to text like like in public platform ..but still was continuing .what can be the best method …to let him know this is unacceptable

  8. I’m impressed by your post because it is actual information of this.
    Thanks for sharing this information about Social Media Complaint Format.

  9. How to File Defamation suit agaisnt POlice officers and where to complaint agaisnt police so that they face trail and get punish for their offence and behavior which is against CPC .

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  11. Sir, This is regarding my Airtel service and phone number is 9035752376. It’s been more than 20 days that I requested to convert my postpaid service to prepaid which they considered my request and initially I was told that my prepaid services will instantly be active, But it’s been more than 20 days I’m neither able to recharge my account nor able to get incoming calls either. I have visited Airtel store N number of times without any luck and in fact they’re very rude at customer. I have raised the complaint with customer care as well. However, they will call me once in a 3 days and say your issue will be resolved in couple of days. they’re not even allowing me to port to other network or resolving my issue for the past 20 days. It’s a very pathetic experience that I’m not getting incoming calls at least for the past 20 days that effecting my regular work very badly. If you could help me in this regard would be a great help for me.

    Thank you!
    Madhu Marshetty

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