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By Team Legal Helpline India, December 26, 2014

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  • Legal advice on subjects of property law by a group of highly expert online property lawyers in India.
  • Online lawyer in India for pre-paid online legal advice in all matters pertaining to property law in India. Expert legal advice in a very quick and effective manner for all property matters.
  • Expert Online lawyer in India for drafting and vetting of all legal documents pertaining to property in India at nominal costs.
  • Best Property Lawyers in India for online legal services pertaining to FDI in real estate, its compliance and all other aspects related to laws in India.
  • Advice on all matters of house tax, mutation, assessment of property with municipal authorities, house tax authorities.
  • Property law litigation services by expert lawyers in property disputes .
  • Legal advice on family settlements, partition, relinquishment of property between family members by highly qualified Property Lawyer.
  • Documentation services for property laws in India by online Indian lawyer.
  • Legal services pertaining to advice on wealth tax, property tax.
  • Project advice services by highly qualified and trained property lawyer India.
  • Technological legal advice and legal services by property lawyer India for all real estate projects, housing colonies, townships, societies.
  • Property lawyer in India for all legal services of Environmental legal advice related to real estate projects in India.
  • Property lawyer India for all services of land banking in India for real estate projects.


  • Legal documentation related to property laws for drafting and vetting of title documents, lease, license agreements, transfer documents, the gift of property documents and all other such services by expert Property Lawyer India.
  • Legal documentation related to property laws which include the drafting and vetting of title documents, lease, license agreements, transfer documents, gift of property documents and all other such services.


  • Litigation services in the fields of property law by highly qualified and expert property lawyer India.
  • Filing and defending of suit for a declaration regarding the property by property lawyer in India.
  • Injunction suits by expert civil lawyer in India for all property law disputes.
  • Suits for easement rights by expert lawyer in India.
  • Suit for partition by property lawyer India.
  • Suits for specific performance regarding the property by property lawyer in India.
  • Filing of suit for partition by metes and bounds for immovable property by property lawyer India.
  • Legal services by a property lawyer India for claiming possession of the property.
  • Handling the disputes pertaining to landlord and tenant related to the property disputes by expert property lawyer of India.
  • Property Lawyer in India for all legal proceedings before Civil Courts, High Court, Supreme Court of India in the field of property laws in India.


With the growth of prices of real estate in India and with the growing opportunities for investments in property in India the role of property lawyer in India has increased manifolds.

Property lawyer in India is required to deal with all the matters related to the property law in India and to provide all legal services related to the property law in India. The legal services in the field of Indian property law are related to all the matters pertaining to Indian property, land etc. This field of law in India is the most important field as almost all the disputes are basically related to the property of any kind.

The main kinds of Indian legal services in this field are matters pertaining to property, land disputes, mortgages, tenancy disputes, partitions, gifts, wealth tax, sale and purchase of property, mutation of property, assessment of the property tax, house tax, valuation of property, documentation related to the sale and purchase of properties, general power of attorney, special power of attorneys, various types of title deeds.

The procedure prescribed in the decision of property dispute in India is basically contained in Civil Procedure Code of 1908, Transfer or property Act, Specific Relief Act. The method of sale and purchase of the property and the disputes arising there from are contained in the Transfer of Property Act, which deals with various kinds of sale and purchases of property and the disputes therein.

Another form of property dispute is the dispute in the land revenue matters. In India the subject of land revenue is covered by various state acts which are vast and the disputes arising out in such lands are governed by the specific acts of the region or the state.

Now with the growth of business houses, industrial house and corporations the concept of property has undergone a change as various other fields of property law have developed which include the goodwill of the business, shares, debentures, intellectual properties.

The important and vast field of urban property which has very high value has involved various kinds of Indian legal processes which are involved in the process of transfer of the property from one hand to another. The most important services in this field are – title verification of property, legal search reports, due diligence of the property, advice on the sale and purchase of the property and compliance of various kinds of local laws in such sale and purchase of the property.

The aspect of land use and holding of the property in urban areas, cities, towns is very important. To determine the specific land use of the property and documents, the provisions related to the allotment, acquisition is important which determine the particular type of land use of the property in question is allowed. Since the value of the property in urban areas is very high, the advice with regard to valuation, land use, classification of the particular type of land is very important. The activities of the developers, builders, colonizers, etc are totally based on such legal advice and legal documentation which facilitate their activities.

We have in-house property lawyer in India to provide all kinds of techno-legal services related to project consultancy of all kinds which includes the compliance of the various local laws, by laws, formulation and finalization of projects, execution of projects. Vetting of technical aspects of the project in relation to the local laws and by laws where the property is located. We provide property lawyer in India for all kinds of property law advice including the advice on the sale and purchase of property by NRIs, trusts, societies, companies, individuals, etc.

The remedies under Indian laws of various kinds of disputes vary case to case as the property laws in India are also governed by the personal and local laws. Property disputes need highly specialized legal services of Indian Attorney who is well versed with the entire set of applicable laws and the local laws applicable on the property.

With the policy of the smart cities in India by the Government, the scope and requirement of property lawyer in India have gone manifold. A property lawyer is required for holding the due diligence of all property matters and search the title of the property. The aspects of land use, conversion of land use is determined by expert advice.

Now the government has announced the FDI for real estate as well. Due to this several multi national companies have started venturing into real estate sector. This has given rise to the role of online property lawyer for all legal services online. The online Indian lawyer peforms the work of legal search report for the title of the property. Due diligence for all land matters.

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