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By Team Legal Helpline India, December 25, 2014

The patent search by Indian law firm is a very important and crucial aspect of the IPR laws . Patent Search is the process through which the prior inventions or the ideas are searched and examined. They are also compared to find out the similarity of information between any existing patent and the new patent. The process of Patent Search by Indian law firm assumes a very important step before filing for a patent of a new product or process. Patent Search avoids any post-registration complications of litigation or injunction being granted against the new patent for violation of the rights of any existing patent. The services of Patent search by Indian law Firm becomes very important due to its commercial interests. Patent search by Indian Law Firm can be categorized broadly in the following four types:

  1. Validity search
  2. Infringement search
  3. Novelty search
  4. State-of-the art search

Validity Search:

This is a patent type done with the object to invalidate the patent of some other claimant who might have obtained patent by some error. The ultimate result of such patent search is the challenge to the validity of the searched patent on the grounds of error or misrepresentation. In the process of Patent search by Indian law firm such incidences are searched and located by highly trained legal manpower. This service is done at the global level at our Law Firm with confidence and excellent results.

We have in house experts to conduct Patent Search by Indian Law Firm.

Infringement Search:

It is an integral part of the Patent Search by Indian Law Firm. Patent Search is done to analyze whether commercialization of the patent can be done without the infringement of any existing patent or not. This is also done with the object to get the freedom to operate a particular patent. It is an attempt to check whether the patent of any party is being violated or not. It is an important adjunct of the Patent Search by Indian Law Firm to protect the interest of the client.

Novelty Search:

It is done with the object of establishing by the inventor that his product is unique from all other existing patents or not. This is the first step towards proceeding for a business plan for getting a patent for commercial usage.This being one of the most important steps in Patent Search by Indian Law Firm, it is done with precise results and accurate opinion.

State-Of-The Art Search:

This type of Patent Search by Indian Law Firm is done with the object of ascertaining whether the existing technology is proceeding in the direction of the research being done or not. It takes into consideration the latest patents and the domain towards which the technology is moving. It gives insight to the researcher to proceed towards a particular domain of research to fetch the latest and most unique patents.

Patent search by Indian law firm ensures high class of legal services and ensures the protection of the commercial interests of the client to the maximum level. For all services related to Patent search by Indian law firm you can contact us with confidence.

NOTE: We provide all services of Patent Search by Indian Law Firm. For registration and prosecution through the team of our experts, call our board No. 9-11-2335 5388 or mail us through contact us page of our website.

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