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NOTE: This is a suggested format of will, you can download it free and use it as a format. The final draft should always be prepared with the help of a legal brain as it is a very important document. 

This deed of will is executed at ——————- (give the name of the place on this ————– day of —————( give the date) by Sh.————————————————————————————( name of the person executing¬† or the Testator) resident of ——————————————————————————-( give the residential and permanent address of the testator) aged around ————- years, hereinafter called the Testator.

Life is short and uncertain; God knows when it may come to an end. At present, I am in sound and disposing mind. I fully understand what is right and wrong. I with my free will, without any force or compulsion from any corner in any manner, make this deed of will in order to avoid any litigation or unpleasantness after my demise. This is my last and final will and any will executed earlier shall stand canceled or modified by this will.

Whereas the Testator is the owner of the following movable and immovable properties——————————————————-( Give comprehensive details of the entire movable as well as immovable properties owned by the testator)

In order to avoid all disputes that may arise after my death, I hereby devise and bequeath that the said properties with all my rights, titles and interest therein as under:
Any other person besides the above-said beneficiary shall have no rights, title or interest therein of any kind whatsoever. The said beneficiary shall have the full powers to sell and transfer the same in any manner.

I have executed this will of my own free will and without any undue influence, or outside pressure and being in full possession of my faculties of sense and being fully aware of all the aspects of the present will.

IN WITNESSES WHEREOF, the Testator named above has signed this will on ———————— day of ——————————-, at —————————————————————————————–in presence of following two witnesses who have attested the same after I have executed the same.







The above format is only a suggestive format which can be downloaded free and used.

Spread the legal knowledge