Mutual Divorce Agreement Format for download. Mutual Divorce Agreement is a very important legal document which should be drafted by an expert legal brain.

The Mutual Divorce Agreement should contain all the aspects of the dispute between the husband and wife. It is only the basis of the mutual divorce agreement, the parties proceed to get their marriage dissolved hence all the legal ingredients in the same are required to be incorporated.

We are providing a Mutual Divorce Agreement Format which can be adopted after filling the necessary particulars. 

Mutual Divorce Agreement

This Mutual Divorce Agreement  is made on this day( Describe the date and the place)

The parties to the Mutual Divorce Agreement  are following:

Husband ( Give the entire details containing full name, fathers name, address , age etc)


Wife ( Give the entire particulars of full name, husbands name, fathers name, address, age and all related information for her identification)


1.That the marriage between the parties was solemnized between the parties according to Special Marriage Act rites on ( Give the date and place of marriage of the parties in the Mutual Divorce Agreement . After the marriage the parties started cohabited at various places. The parties are now residing at the addresses mentioned herein.

2.That the following children are born from the wedlock;

( Give the details of children with their names, date of birth )

3.That due to temperamental differences the marriage between the parties has failed and all efforts to revive the same has remained fruitless. The parties are living separately since ( give the period of separation of the parties)  and all efforts of reconciliation have failed . The parties have thus decided to enter the present Mutual Divorce Agreement  and to further file mutually decided to dissolve the marriage on mutual consent by making joint petition before the court.

4. That the parties have further decided to decide the following issues mutually under the present Mutual Divorce Settlement :

  • Custody of children ( Describe the terms about custody of children)
  • Distribution of the properties of the parties
  • Child support after divorce
  • Division and retention of properties/estate
  • Splitting of assets and other household and all other valuables
  • Streedhan
  • Permanent Alimony
  •  Clearance or repayment of debt
  • Insurance and passport/visa subjects

5. That the aforesaid steps shall be done by the parties after the first motion and before the filing of the second motion of divorce before the court.

6. That the parties have further agreed that the first motion of mutual divorce between the parties shall be filed immediately after the signing of the present Mutual Divorce Agreement.

7.  That the parties will jointly sign and file both the motions of mutual divorce petition before the court and shall appear before the court for hearing and make their statement before the court without creating any further issues in the matter.

8. That the parties undertake to withdraw all the allegations, complaints against each other made before any forum if any and shall not make further complaint in any manner after their statement before the Court.

9. That besides the above terms the parties have mutually settled all other claims against each other and exchanged all their articles, valuables etc and nothing remains to be exchanged or paid by any of the parties to the other parties. The Second Party, wife has received all her claims of Stridhan, permanent alimony etc and there is no claim in any manner surviving. The parties will not make any claim against each other in any manner after signing of the present Mutual Divorce Agreement .

10.That the present Mutual Divorce Agreement shall be followed and complied in toto and breach of any of the terms stated herein shall amount breach of the Mutual Divorce Agreement.

 IN  WITNESSES  WHEREOF both the  parties  have  set their  receptive hands on this agreement, at  ———————–,  on the  day,  month and year, first written  above  in  the presence of the following witnesses.

FIRST PARTY                                                    SECOND PARTY

(HUSBAND)                                                        (WIFE)




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