Agreements for Temporary employment is based on contingent requirements and mainly as a stop gap arrangement.

Keeping any employee for longer periods as temporary employee is not permitted under law and can be questioned by the courts if challenged.

We are giving the sample and suggested format for agreements for temporary employment, it can be used by modifying according to the facts.

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Agreement For Temporary Employment

Mr. (Name)
R/o Address and other particulars.

Sub: Temporary appointment.

You are appointed on the temporary post of ———————till further orders/for a fixed term on a fixed term purely on temporary post from ————————-to————————–subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. Your appointment is purely temporary. The employment is only for the fixed term as mentioned above, and shall automatically come to an end after the period specified above and you will have no claim or right on the post thereafter.

2. Your fixed emoluments per month will be Rs—————-, you will not be entitled to any other allowance etc over and above the same. You will be however given all other statutory benefits of ESI, EPF etc as applicable on you.

3. In the event the management decides to extent your services further, the same shall be done with a written communication to you. Unless extended vide a specific written communication, your services shall not be required after the date mentioned above.

4. Your appointment is at present for the unit at ————–However your services are liable to be transferred to any present or future branch/unit/sister concern of the company at any time depending upon the requirements of the manpower. Since we are providing various ancillary services to various export houses, you may be deployed at any of our client’s establishment for executing the jobs therein.

5. Your services are liable to be terminated without assigning any reason at any point of time during the tenure of your employment with us.

6. You will be bound by the rules and regulations governing the management and maintain complete discipline in the organization.

Please sign on the duplicate copy of this appointment letter as a token of your acceptance to the terms and conditions of your appointment with us.


(Management) (Employee)

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