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By Team Legal Helpline India, December 26, 2014

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Online legal services for cyber and IT laws in India.



  • Our law Firm having excellent Cyber Lawyer in India for all legal services of cyber and IT laws.
  • Online drafting and vetting of all cyber law contracts, SLAs, disclaimers, declarations, announcements, terms and conditions, assignment of IPR and all other documents related to Cyber and IT laws by Cyber Lawyer in India.
  • Experts for online legal advice on all cyber law matters for instant and quick remedies to all legal problems by Cyber Lawyer in India.
  •  IT lawyer for Launching and defending all types of cyber law cases for quick and instant results.
  • Services of launching and defending Domain Name System ( DNS) Disputes before WIPO, ICANN and other platforms.
  • Best Cyber Lawyer in India for handling the matters pertaining to hacking of web sites, web spaces, domain spaces.
  • Lawyer for  handling cyber squatting matters.
  • Team of highly qualified and expert IT lawyer for  handling  cyber law litigation before Courts, Tribunals, Authorities.
  • Services related to protecting domain names from cyber squatting and hijacking.
  • All services of legal documentation, contract vetting and all relate services pertaining to the cyber laws by Cyber lawyer in India.
  • Services pertaining to IPR related issues of cyber laws.
  • Legal content writing and vetting of the contents for web sites.
  • Services related to writing and vetting of the disclaimer, announcements, notices etc for the web sites .
  • Online legal desk by Cyber Lawyer in India for all services related to cyber laws under one roof.


i) Domain disputes: We provide all kinds of legal services related to domain disputes under the cyber laws. We undertake the proceedings against the cyber squatter who can unauthorisedly take a registration of the domain name which may harm your business or reputation.

The proceedings in this regard are related to ICANN and are initially launched against the said cyber squatter which may lead to issuance of communication to the said party. In most of the cases ADR is resorted to and the dispute is sorted out effectively without entering into the court proceedings.

Another level of dispute resolution is such fields are at the INDRP level for .in disputes and at UDRP for .com domains. In extreme cases the arbitration proceedings or court proceedings for civil injunction or restraint order or declaratory relief is prayed for which is granted by the civil courts. In some extreme cases the violation of IPR leads to criminal proceedings.

ii) Hacking matters: we handle the matters pertaining to the unauthorized entry on your web site or web space to prevent the loss of data and other material from your websites. Hacking being a criminal offence in most of the countries leads to criminal prosecution of the hacker. Cyber lawyer at our law firm take up such cases with full confidence and achieve the desired results in such matters.

iii) IPR disputes: we provide the services related to the IPR dispute through our trained attorneys who provide the best strategies for the resolution of the disputes with full confidence.


Cyber laws in Indian mainly contained in Information Technology Act, 2000 and all provisions related to various issues related to the cyber laws in India have been made therein. The cyber laws as defined under the Information Technology Act basically deals with the issues related to hacking, punishment for hacking and the various other forms of crimes related to the cyber laws in India.

The already existing provisions of Indian laws as listed mainly in the Indian Penal Code, 1860 have also been used by the cyber law enforcing machinery in India. The role of Cyber Lawyer in India becomes very important so as to comprehend all such offenses and take remedial legal measures.

Cyber laws in India are now well developed with the development of the Information technology laws in India which are the main plank of information technology law enforcement. We have the best of information technology lawyers in our information technology law firm which is basically an information technology law group.

We have in-house cyber lawyers well versed with the cyber law enforcement machinery and effectively handle all the matters related to Cyber crimes, Cyber Laws, Cases related to inter-net, piracy, hacking, copying, tampering sites, hacking of web space, web sites, copying of web sites, piracy of web sites, misuse of web sites.

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