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By Team Legal Helpline India, December 26, 2014

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Important Services of Commercial Lawyer India

  • Online Commercial Lawyer India for quick and accurate legal advice and legal services on all commercial and business law matters.
  • On call legal services and legal advice for all commercial law matters.
  • All legal services pertaining to registration and incorporation of private limited companies, public limited companies from the office of the Registrar of Companies.
  • Commercial Lawyer India for drafting and framing of the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association for incorporation of the Companies in India.
  • Legal services by commercial lawyer India pertaining to compliance’s before the Registrar of Companies, Company Law Board, Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
  • Legal services by expert Commercial Lawyer for business start up services by foreign entities in India with entire blueprint for steps involved?and the?compliance’s.
  • All kinds of legal services related to drafting of agreements pertaining to takeovers, mergers, de-mergers, share transfer agreements .
  • All kinds of legal documentation, filing of returns etc related to Indian business and commercial laws.
  • Commercial Lawyer India for handling company law suits related to disputes of share distribution, inter se dispute between directors.
  • Online commercial lawyer India for online chat for online legal advice, legal documentation related to company law.
  • All kinds of services related to registration of foreign companies in India.
  • All kinds of permits and compliance’s to be obtained from RBI in India with regard to operation of various activities by foreign operators in India.
  • All legal services, legal advice and legal documentation related to E-Commerce Website, drafting of dealership agreements, legal documentation related to business chains, franchise agreements.
  • Money recovery services by Commercial Lawyer India for recovery of business debts.
  • All services under the Negotiable Instruments Act cases related to cheque bouncing matters.


i) Company formation and incorporation: All legal services related to the formation and incorporation of companies in India. Drafting of the memorandum of incorporation, articles of association and all the terms and conditions for the companies to be incorporated. All the services pertaining to incorporation and registration of the company including the clearance of name and all other legal formalities with regard to registration of the company.
ii) Company law board matters: Indian legal services in relation to matters of company law board. Handling of the litigation before the company law board, all the disputes of shareholdings, disputes between directors, shareholders, takeovers, compliance’s etc.
iii) Share disputes: handling all the matters pertaining to disputes of share holding before the authorities concerned including the company law board, SEBI and other forums. Litigation and advisory services in the field of share disputes.
iv) Overseas collaborations: Indian legal services pertaining to all kinds of international collaborations, JVs, partnerships, mergers, takeovers etc with advices on dual taxation, legal compliances.


The subject of company law in India is an important field of legal services as all activities pertaining to the companies, formation , mergers, acquisitions etc are covered in this filed and are directly related to the commercial activities which are very important. Indian Company Act is the basic document which describes the entire processes relating to formation, incorporation and operation of a company. In India the company formation is mainly of two kinds – private limited company which is basically a private holding and public limited company which is a company created and floated for public at large with wide scope of participation of public in the same through their shares. We have strong team of Commercial Lawyer India who can provide all services in this regard with quality and excellent results.

We provide the complete services related to the incorporation of private limited company and public company. All kinds of compliance’s under the company law including the filing of returns, filing of all forms under the company law. We also take up the matters pertaining to mergers of companies, takeovers, amalgamations of companies, formation of joint venture companies. The main services related to the business start up services in India are the core area of formation of companies, registration of companies, clearance of the names of the companies drafting the terms and conditions of mergers, amalgamations, joint ventures, international agreements etc.

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