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What is Extraordinary Writ Jurisdiction For PIL In India?

By Team Legal Helpline India

Writ Jurisdiction For PIL In India - Extraordinary writ jurisdiction is above the ordinary powers of the Supreme Court and High Court hence named as extraordinary powers. All other legal provisions to approach the Supreme Court under the law such as appeal, revision, reference, etc. are called the ordinary powers of the court but the writ powers are named as extraordinary powers of the court. The writ is a highly prerogative and effective power of the courts to issue directions…Read more

Supreme Court of India

By Team Legal Helpline India

IMPORTANT: Team of best advocates for Supreme Court of India Advocates for all legal services at Supreme Court of India. For urgent services in Supreme Court Advocate in Delhi, mail us through contact us page of our website. Supreme Court of India is the apex court of the country and is the final authority of all legal proceedings it is vested with wide powers to supervise the courts, tribunals, quasi-judicial authorities of the country and to render advice to the…Read more