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Infamous Rape Cases in India 2020

By Team Legal Helpline India

The law related to rape cases in India 2020 explained in brief by an expert criminal lawyer for the understanding of a common man supported by some infamous rape cases in India. Rape is an unlawful sexual activity typically involving sexual intercourse done forcibly or under threat of injury against a person’s will. Rape is a worldwide problem. In India, Rape has been defined in Section 375 of IPC which contemplates various acts which can be termed as rape. This…Read more

Law of Rape in India

By Team Legal Helpline India

IMPORTANT: A brief write up on Law of Rape in India. For any contingent requirement or mail us the facts through contact us page of our website alongwith all relevant documents. The word rape is Latin term ratio, which means seize i.e. forcible seizure which constitutes the main ingredient of the offence of rape. Law of rape in India however further widens the definition and means intercourse with a woman without her consent by force, fear or fraud. Several explanations…Read more