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CRPC (Code of Criminal Procedure) Explained

By Team Legal Helpline India

CRPC or Code of Criminal Procedure is the basic book for a criminal lawyer. CRPC was created during the British rule in 1882 and subsequently amended in 1898. After independence CRPC was amended in 1973 and notified w.e.f. 1/4/1974 and still remains in force after some amendments in 2005. A CRPC  is the principal legislation for dealing with criminal cases and the process of deciding criminal cases.   CRPC provides the complete machinery for the investigation of crime, apprehension of…Read more

Law Against Acid Attacks

By Team Legal Helpline India

A brief write up on Law Against Acid Attacks by our legal experts. Contact for online drafting and vetting of such complaints by expert lawyers. Acid attack is the worst form of brutal crime on the earth which not only leaves scars on the skin of the victim but also violates the basic human rights of the victim. The victim of an acid attack hardly comes out of the trauma. It is a recent form of crime in India on…Read more