Online Legal Adviser India


Important Services By Online Legal Adviser India:

  • Online instant and quick legal advice services
  • Virtual lawyer services
  • E-mail/ legal chatting on all matters of law
  • Video conferencing advice on all legal subjects by experts
  • legal advice services through Teleconferencing
  • Personal meeting and conferencing
  • Online desk for legal advice on all contingent matters for quickest legal services
  • Online drafting, vetting and filing services for Supreme Court, NCDRC, CCI, High Courts by expert team

Online legal advice services: Most effective, accurate and instant legal advice by highly qualified legal brains which is very accurate, effective, time-saving and cost saving. We have a team of excellent legal brains for all such services under one roof.

Legal chatting services: We specialize in providing all kinds of legal chatting services The client is asked to send his query with supportive documents which is evaluated and the client is requested to deposit the professional charges. Thereafter the matter is taken up by the expert attorney who interacts with the client through chatting and provides the requisite advice to the client based on the requirements. This mode of legal advice has a wider reach and is quick, effective and accurate.

Telephonic legal advise and teleconferencing: We have in- house Attorneys and Advocates to provide telephonic legal advice on teleconferencing. Our team of online advisers provides most effective and quick advice services through Tele-Conferencing. This service provides instant advice to any legal problem and the attorneys at our back office are equipped with all kinds of material to provide the advice on telephone either directly or through conferencing.

Video Conferencing: This is a very important service being provided by our legal chatting firm India to various corporate houses globally. This is one of the most effective and accepted modes of advice for the corporate houses through which their entire team can discuss the legal problem online and in face to face manner with our online adviser in most cost effective manner. We are providing these services globally cutting across political and geographical boundaries.

E-mail lawyer: Our Firm have in-house online adviser who is fully well versed with the laws and provide all types of online advice. These services are provided through all modes which include Teleconferencing, e-mail advising, online chatting.

Online legal documentation services: We have made special arrangements to provide online formats, online forms, online documents which are accurate and as per the needs. One can find a number of online formats of day to day use on our website and download them for the specific use. We also provide custom made documents to the clients through online advice desk which is highly effective and popular mode of advice in the modern world. Online documentation services pertaining to drafting, vetting, approving of various kinds of legal documents are provided by us through our expert Attorneys and Advocates.


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