National Green Tribunal (NGT) Lawyer


NGT (National Green Tribunal) Lawyer in India

  • Handling of all environmental clearance matters
  • Legal advice on all environmental law issues by team of experts
  • Consent to establish matters
  • Consent to operate matters
  • Environmental Impact Assessment matters
  • Consent under Air and Water
  • Appeals against refusal of consent
  • Appeal and Original Applications before the National Green Tribunal (NGT)
  • Handling of prosecution matters under Environmental Protection Act
  • Online legal advice and legal services for Environmental Lawyer Services Delhi
  • Online filing of applications for consent and renewal of consent to operate for industrial units, establishments, projects by experts on environmental laws.
  • Environmental Lawyer Services Delhi for all environmental clearance matters pertaining to consent to establish, consent to operate, notices and prosecution proceedings under Environmental Protection Act and handling all tests related to adequacy and effluent discharge.
  • Legal advice on Anti-dumping laws applications and interpretations in India and other countries of the world under various agreements, conventions.
  • Legal advice supported with documentation for all legal compliances under the Environmental Protection Act and all other related notifications for various projects related to construction, industrial production, and other related activities.
  • Services related to Obtaining necessary government permissions, permits, and compliance under The Environmental Protection Act, getting the compliance under the Environmental Impact Assessment Authority.
  • Pertaining to environmental compliance for industrial establishments, factories, hotels, hospitals, mining projects, construction projects.
  • Project approval advice by an Environmental lawyer for environmental impact assessment of the projects and other related permissions.
  • Defending and contesting all the matters pertaining to the denial of Consent to Establish or other prosecutions under the Environmental Protection Act, the filing of the appeal, defending of appeal, the filing of petitions before the NGT, High Court, Supreme Court and all other forums.
  • Environmental law documentation related to all compliance’s and audits.


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