Legal Outsourcing and Processing


Important Legal Outsourcing And Processing Services

    •  Legal Outsourcing and Processing Services globally by expert online team
    • All services of legal outsourcing and processing by team of experts at very competitive rates with excellent quality.
    • Back office operations under legal outsourcing and processing, PMO services at all levels by experts.
    • Drafting, vetting and filing services for all legal documents by strong team of experts.
    • Legal research services by team of highly qualified legal hands.
    • Legal KPO and Para legal services through highly trained legal brains.
    • Drafting and vetting of various kinds of contracts, online documentation services.
    • Due Diligence and document reviewing services.
    • Legal evidence arrangement:
      • Patent drafting
      • Patent search services
      • Novelty Search for patents
      • Infringement search for patents
      • Validity search for patents
      • State-of-the-art search for patents
    • Drafting and filing of PCT applications
    • Legal KPO in India
    • Customised legal work and legal services
    • Para Legal services
    • Legal support services
    • Contract drafting, review and vetting
    • All kinds of offshore legal services
    • Process Management Outsourcing (PMO) services
    • Document review services
    • Document classification services for responsive, non-responsive, privilege and non-privilege documents
    • Handling of privileged document services

We have in house team of legal and para legal manpower to undertake all the above stated activities and execute the work as per the requirements of the client. Prompt and effective services by our team is our speciality. We deliver the desired results for the clients as per the fixed schedule with no compromise on the quality of the work.

The work related to drafting and filing of PCT applications being done online covers the globe; cutting across all the geographical and political lines. We are already providing the services of Legal Outsourcing and Processing including documents classification, document review and PMO at the global level through our expert team. We have dedicated teams for carrying on the entire work of Patent filing, prosecuting and following which are highly specialised services in very cost effective manner.

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