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By Team Legal Helpline India, May 15, 2020

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Legal advice online is the new phenomenon in legal services which is after the revolution of Information Technology globally. As such in the true sense,

Legal advice is now spaceless, cutting across the geographical and political boundaries in all respects and can be round the clock for 365 days of the year.

Legal advice online is gaining strength day by day as it is convenient, quick, and transparent besides being cost-effective and affordable in all respects.

Also Reade-filing in Supreme court of India

We can consider and discuss various types of Legal advice online as under:

Legal advice online in India through Video Conferencing:

Legal advice is the latest breakthrough in the field of legal services. Due to the advancement of IT tools such as video calls, ICT gadgets, it is now possible to render

Legal advice through the most effective and convenient methods. Legal advice online through video conferencing ensures a lot of time-saving and face to face interaction between the client and the legal expert.

In fact, Legal advice through video conferencing is just like the physical interaction with the legal expert in a meeting legal conferences and seeking their advice on the legal subject.

The Legal advice online through video conferencing is done by us by asking the client to send all the documents, papers along with the brief of the subject.

Our team is deputed to go through the entire documents and the brief and in this process several rounds of interaction with the client either through phone or through chat or video conferencing.

Once the entire material is collected and compiled, the legal issues identified, we fix a time with the client for Legal advice through video conferencing.

At the given time the legal expert is deputed to advise, in some cases, there is more than one legal expert on the subject for the advice.

The session of Legal advice through video conferencing is totally dedicated to the subject and the client is given full satisfaction of all his legal queries.

This type of Legal advice through video conferencing is very fruitful and several people can join it through any of the tools of ICT like Google meeting, Zoom, Wordsapp meeting, Due Meeting, etc. depending upon the requirement of the client.

Legal advice online through video conferencing is the most satisfactory, effective, acceptable, cost-cutting, transparent method of Legal advice.

It involves no traveling, no wastage of time on several related activities, and ensures focused and qualitative legal advice either through one expert or through several experts connected virtually.

The recording of the session of Legal advice online through video conferencing can be retained and used for future purposes also or for any future clarifications which are a very important aspect of the Legal advice online through video conferencing.

Legal Advice India through e-mail or chatting:

This the most common and convenient Legal advice mode wherein the legal advice online is given through email.

Generally, the process of Legal advice includes the submission of all the relevant documents, papers, and briefs in advance so that the online legal advisor goes through the same as per his convenience in advance.

A chatting session is fixed for the Legal advice during which the legal expert or the team of legal experts interact through chatting either bilaterally or with several persons online.

The benefit of such Legal advice is the quick and effective handling of the situation through chatting which makes things more transparent and certain.

Most of the big corporations, multinationals prefer such types of Legal advice as it saves a lot of their time and gives a definite opinion on the legal issue which can be circulated or quoted to all the concerned persons.

Legal Advice in India Through Teleconferencing:

Legal advice online through Teleconferencing is a well established and prevalent mode of legal service in the modern era. With the advent in the telecommunication modes, multi-user telephone conferences are very easy nowadays without any constraint of location.

This has thus given very important and crucial tools for Legal advice through Teleconferencing in legal services.

For Legal advice through Teleconferencing, the documents and papers along with the brief of the facts are submitted in advance and a team of experts is deputed to prepare the same and do the due diligence on the subject in coordination with the clients.

A time is fixed for the Legal advice through Teleconferencing and all the concerned and taken online who can easily participate in the session of Legal advice online through Teleconferencing.

This is a very effective, easy, and convenient process of legal services which is very important and prevalent.

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