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IT laws in India:

The IT laws in India are mainly covered under the Information Technology Act, 2005. This act describes the Information Technology system, various laws related to the regulation of the Information Technology regime. The IT Act also describes the offenses as contained under the Information Technology and the punishments contained in the same.

Besides the IT Act, 2005 several offences as described under the IPC, Patent laws, Copyright laws are also contained in the IT laws in India. In most of the cases, the civil remedies are available for such disputes. It is the duty of the expert IT Lawyer India to comprehend the offense or the dispute and the remedies under the laws.

The cases of internet are global and not regulated by the Indian laws. In most of the cases of domain name disputes, the decision of ICANN is binding which controls the Registrar who assigns the URL and other sources. Such IT disputes have global ramification and the most of the proceedings are held online as per the WIPO protocol. IT Lawyer India who is well versed with the procedures of WIPO and ICANN can very well advice on all such disputes effectively.

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