Indian Company Lawyer




  • Incorporation and formation of a company in India.
  • Compliance of the ROC.
  • Taxation advises by expert Indian company lawyer related to the affairs of the company and its operations.
  • All services related to the formation, incorporation and establishment of a foreign company, branch office, a liaison office in India.
  • Services of expert Indian Company Lawyer for Mergers,de-mergers, takeovers, JVs, LLP, LLC and other business organizations.
  • Legal documentation, compliance’s of the Company Laws by an expert Indian company lawyer.
  • Legal services related to the drafting of agreements pertaining to takeovers, mergers, de-mergers, share transfer agreements by an Indian company lawyer.
  • Indian company Lawyer for compliance’s before the Registrar of Companies, Company Law Board, Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
  • Indian company Lawyer for all services of formation and incorporation of companies, private limited companies, public limited companies, NBFC, FII, LLP, LLC etc.
  • All start-up services for foreign nationals in India with the entire setup for advice and compliances by highly qualified and efficient Indian company lawyers.
  • Lawyer for company law litigation matters.
  • All kinds of services related to the registration of foreign companies in India.
  • All kinds of permits and compliance’s from RBI in India for the operation of various kinds of activities by foreign operators in India.
  • All kinds of services pertaining to registration and incorporation of companies, drafting of the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association for the incorporation of the Companies.
  • Company formation and incorporation services.
  • Services related to the handling of the cases pertaining to Company law board matters.
  • Indian company lawyer for the handling of share disputes.
  • Services pertaining to advise on overseas collaborations.
  • Online legal services pertaining to advice on all company law matters by expert Indian Company Lawyer.
  • Online legal services for drafting and vetting of MOU, MOA, AOA and all other legal documents related to the company in India.

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