Family lawyer


Online Family lawyer for legal advice and services in India:

  • Family and Matrimonial Disputes
  • Adoptions
  • Family partitions
  • Successions
  • Probates and Letter of Administration
  • Wills
  • Gifts
  • Family disputes
  • Family settlements
  • Inheritance disputes

Family lawyer India for:

  • Guardianship Matters
  • Custody of child matters
  • Visitation right matters
  • Adoptions

Family lawyer India for:

  • Advice and documentation legal services on the subject of divorce
  • Mutual Divorce
  • Maintenance disputes
  • Restitution
  • Judicial Separations
  • Permanent alimony

Family lawyer for:

  • Litigation pertaining to family disputes before all courts
  • Family partition suits for claiming family property
  • Partition by metes and bounds
  • Execution of will and probate through courts
  • Drafting and vetting of family settlements

Family lawyer for:

  • Legal services of Mutual Divorce before Family Courts
  • Filing and defending Maintenance proceedings
  • Filing and defending Restitution of conjugal rights petition
  • Launching and contesting Judicial separation matters before Family Courts
  • Litigation services for Permanent alimony
  • Defending and launching of Domestic Violence cases before all courts


  • Family Lawyer Indian and Legal Advisor For Divorce Matter Delhi for online legal advice and legal services in the matters related to all family disputes.
  • An expert team of Family Lawyer India and Legal Advisor For Divorce Matter Delhi for handling all litigation matters before the Family Courts, Criminal Courts, High Court, Supreme Court and all other forums.
  • Family Lawyer India and Legal Advisor For Divorce Matter Delhi for drafting and vetting of all family settlements, mutations, relinquishment related to family property
  • All services related to matrimonial disputes arising out of cruelty, dowry demands, Stridhan disputes, claims and counter claims and proceedings under Section 498 A of the IPC by expert and highly qualified Legal Advisor For Divorce Matter Delhi.
  • Filing and defending of Bail Applications, Anticipatory Bail Applications in matrimonial disputes under Section 498 A IPC and all other related matters.
  • Mediation and conciliation services for all matrimonial disputes, disputes related to the division of property and all related issues.
  • Expert team to handle the matters arising out of Anti-Dowry Act cases and all related disputes.

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