Criminal Lawyer


Important services by Criminal Lawyer:

  • Filing and defending of Bail Application under Section 437 CrPC.
  • Anticipatory bail under Section 438 Cr Pc from Sessions Court, High Court.
  • Bail Application under Section 439 CrPC from Sessions Court or High Court.
  • Criminal Complaints before Police, before Courts by expert and highly qualified Indian Criminal Law Advisor.
  • Filing and defending of Complaint cases under Section 156 (3) of CrPC.
  • Filing and defending and legal advice on all types of Criminal Defamation cases.
  • Expert Indian Lawyers for undertaking Criminal Trials of FIR matters, complaint cases before criminal courts.
  • Expert Indian Criminal Lawyer for Filing and defending Criminal Appeals.
  • Indian Criminal Lawyer for handling and advising on all Police Cases, FIR Matters.
  • Expert Indian Criminal Lawyer for Defending and launching Cheque bouncing Cases.
  • Highly qualified Indian Criminal Lawyer for handling and defending Dowry cases under Section 498 A IPC.
  • Expert Lawyers for handling and defending IPR, Patent, Trademark violation cases before criminal courts, enforcement authorities.
  • Experts for handling FOREX cases involving criminal law.
  • Indian Criminal Lawyer for handling all types of Economic offense cases related to cheating, forgery, criminal misappropriation of money and all related offenses.
  • Indian Criminal Lawyer for filing and defending of Criminal Writs before High Court and Supreme Court.
  • Criminal Transfer Petition before Supreme Court of India for transfer of criminal case.
  • Criminal Special Leave Petition before Supreme Court of India.
  • Cyber and IT law cases pertaining to Hacking, Domain disputes, Internet law violations.
  • Handling of all Passport Act, Customs Act, FEMA and FOREX matters which attract criminal prosecution.
  • Specialized services of Attorneys for launching and defending IPR, patent, trade mark violation cases, IT Act violation cases, FOREX cases involving the criminal offenses and criminal prosecution.
  • Solicitors for criminal process cases, Attorneys for criminal law documentation.
  • Online legal advice services for all types of criminal matters by expert Indian Criminal Lawyer.

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