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By Team Legal Helpline India, December 22, 2017

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CAT Formats OF OA

Central Administrative Tribunal was established under an Act passed by the Parliament to deal with the service dispute of the Central Government employees and employees under the employment of various other central government bodies. All disputes of suspension as well as charge sheet, transfer, dismissal, appointment, non-appointment, promotion, increment etc can be filed before the CAT. The petition in CAT is called OA. The OA in CAT is to be filed in the prescribe format with the copies of the necessary documents attached and the court fees is paid through IPO only. The OA before CAT is a quick and easy remedy for the affected employee as compared to the lengthy processes in High Courts, Civil Courts and all other courts. Most of the cases before CAT are based on the violation of some provisions of CCA or CCS or the OM or rules as framed by the government hence one needs the services of a highly qualified and trained service matter lawyers at Delhi for CAT to comprehend the real legal issue and challenge the same before the CAT.

The suggested CAT format with tips on how to file case in CAT:


Case Title
S. Nos. Description of documents relied upon Page No.
1. An application under Section 19 of the CAT Act, 1985.
2. Annexures (Mark each annexure serially)
3. MAs (Description of Miscellaneous applications filed, if any)
4. Affidavit (In support of the facts and documents stated in the OA)
5. Power of Attorney (In favour of the lawyer through whom the OA is being filed)
6. Other relevant documents (Duly describe the documents)
Signature of the applicant
For use in Tribunals Office
Date of filing (Mention the date of filing of the OA before CAT).
Date of Receipt by Post
Registration No.
For Registrar
CAT Formats for the main petition:
1. Particulars and the details of the order against which the OA is being filed:
(Describe the details of the order)
2. Jurisdiction of the Tribunal:
The applicant declares that the subject matter of the order against which he wants Redressal is within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal.
3. Limitation:
The applicant further declares that the application is within the limitation period prescribed in section 21 of the Administrative Tribunals Act, 1985. Describe the date of knowledge of the order or rising of the cause of action for filing the OA;
4. Facts of the case:
(Describe the facts of the case in details mentioning the Annexures and documents filed along with).
5. Grounds for relief with legal provisions: (State the grounds on which relief is being sought).
6. Details of the remedies exhausted: (Describe the representations made or meetings held regarding the grievance).
The applicant declares that he has availed of all the remedies available to him under the relevant service rules etc. (Give here chronologically the details of representations made and the outcome to such representations concerning the number of Annexure to be given in support thereof).
7. Matters not previously filed or pending with any other court:
The applicant further declares that he had not previously filed any application, writ petition or suit regarding the matter, in respect of which this application has been made, before any court or any other authority or any other Bench of the Tribunal nor any such application, writ petition or suit is pending before any of them.
In case the applicants had previously filed any such application, writ petition or suit, the stage at which it is pending, and if decided, the list of the decisions should be given concerning the number of Annexure to be given in support thereof.
8. Relief sought:
(Specify below the relief(s) sought to explain the grounds for such relief(s) and the legal provisions, if any, relied upon).
9. Interim order, if any prayed for:
Pending final decision on the application, the applicant seeks the following
Interim relief:
(Give here the nature of the interim relief prayed for).
10. In the event of application the being sent registered post, it may be stated whether the applicant desires to have the oral hearing at the admission stage and if so, he shall attach a self-addressed Post Card or Inland Letter, at which intimation regarding the date of hearing could be sent to him.
11. Particulars of Banks Draft/Postal Order filed in respect of the application fee.
12. List of enclosures:
I——————–(Name of the applicant) S/o, W/o, D/o ——————–, age ————working as ————, do at this moment solemnly affirm and declare that the contents of the OA are true and correct, nothing has been concealed, and no part of it is false.


  • The OA before CAT is to be filed in the CAT format given above in two parts of papers book as per the prescribed format. It should be preferably done through an expert service matter lawyer for CAT.
  • The OA as per the CAT format is to be typed on double space on white legal sized paper with wide margins. Please read our blog on how to file case in CAT. 
  • All annexures need to be typed in double space with true translations if required to be attached to the CAT format as given by us.
  • Court fees of Rs-50/- in form of IPO to be deposited along  with the OA before CAT.
  • The addressed envelops according to the number of respondents is to be deposited in advance.
  • It is always better to take the services of CAT lawyers at Delhi or a service matter lawyer Delhi.


We have a team of highly qualified Service matter lawyers at Delhi to provide all services of expert lawyers for Central Administrative Tribunal matters, call our board No. 9-11-2335 5388 or mail us through contact us page of our website.

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