Banking Lawyer


Expert Banking Lawyer in India for all Important Legal  Services:

  • Loan restructuring
  • Pre-closure of loan matters
  • Deferred payment issues
  • NPA settlements
  • Revivals
  • Debt restructuring
  • Interest reduction
  • Loans take over arrangements from Banks, FIs or private sources
  • Recovery of bank loan services
  • Over drafting (OD) advice
  • Mortgage advise by expert banking lawyer

Indian Banking Lawyer for advice on: 

  • Expert and highly qualified Banking lawyer for legal advice and legal services of banking law cases. 
  • Good banking lawyer for Negotiable Instruments Act cases related to bouncing of cheques
  • Expert Banking Lawyer for banking suits and recovery of loan services
  • Indian Banking Lawyer all instant and on-call legal services of banking laws
  • On call and online legal services by expert Banking lawyers for all urgent requirements
  • Expert DRT lawyer for online expert legal advice and legal services of banking matters
  • Online Indian lawyer and online banking  documentation services for banking matters
  • Indian Banking Lawyer for Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT)
  • Experts for Debt Recovery Appellate (DRAT) matters
  • SARFASI matters and banking legal services
  • Expert and very good lawyers for NCELT matters 
  • Advice on Bank loan, corporate loan matters
  • Indian Banking lawyer for NBFC compliance
  • Expert Indian Banking lawyer for compliance of RBI guidelines, circulars, OMs
  • Services pertaining to FEMA permission and compliance for foreign companies


  • Recovery of bank loans by expert DRT lawyer
  • Filing and defending OAs at Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT)
  • Legal advice related to DRT matters
  • Services for DRT matters by expert Indian Banking Lawyer
  • Defending and filing of Appeals against the orders of DRT at DRAT
  • Taking up matters pertaining to SARFASI Act by DRT lawyer
  • Bank load restructuring advice
  • NBFC companies formation and operation issues
  • All cheque bounce matters falling under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act
  • Summary civil suits for recovery of money due under Negotiable Instruments under Order 37 CPC
  • Online legal advice services on all contingent banking law matters
  • Expert advice on all banking companies formations and incorporation

Banking laws in India are mainly governed by various orders of RBI and the Finance Acts which are often very complex. One needs the services of good banking lawyers for handling all such complex matters. The cases related to banking are filed in civil courts, criminal courts, DRT, NCELT, Consumer courts, CCI. The process related to the decision of such cases is different as per the courts.

We have in house team of expert banking lawyers for handling all such matters with excellent results.